Final Exam - Robert Casabianca Final Exam 1 Push Factors...

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Robert Casabianca 5/18/2011 Final Exam 1.) Push Factors: Italy was newly formed as a united nation, and were taxing it’s citizens heavily in order to build an army, create infrastructure, and erect a railway. On top of this, the ‘travel ban’ that the Bourbons placed on the South of Italy was lifted, and the people of Southern Italy were in a state of complete and hopeless poverty. The Southerners left both because they were poor and saw no opportunities for change in Italy, and because they had no national identity after being ruled by so many conquering empires for so long. They only had regional identities which did not tie them to Italy as it did for more united populations. Another major push factor was that Sicily had both a drought and a plague, causing many Italians to seek out life elsewhere. Also, the discovery of sulfur in U.S. mines put Sicilian miners out of business, causing them to seek employment in other places. Pull Factors: America was represented as the ‘Land of Opportunity,’ where work was abundant, and money was growing on trees. There was the promise of jobs by ‘Padrones’ trying to get more Italians to leave for America. Italians who left Italy poor made some money in America and returned to visit ‘paesani’ back in Italy, causing many other Italians in the village to see America as a great place where people can get rich. Many Italians left for America later on in order to reunite with family that already moved over as well. 2.) “La Via Dolorosa” is the Italian way of saying ‘Path of Sorrows.’ What it meant was that all Americans shared a displacement from their places of origin, and that the journey to America corresponded to the three ‘Stations of the Cross.’ ‘The point of embarkation’ usually involved journey by foot, mule, or wagon; ‘The Journey’ itself usually involved being stuffed into the overcrowded steerage space on the ship; and the ‘Arrival at Ellis Island’ involved much fear, confusion, and awe at the size and complexity of the New World. 3.) There were many negative effects on Italy caused by mass emigration. Among them was
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Final Exam - Robert Casabianca Final Exam 1 Push Factors...

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