Italian Americans and Ethnic Relations

Italian Americans and Ethnic Relations - Italian Americans...

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Italian Americans and Ethnic Relations Each region of Italy maintained it’s culture throughout the rules of different empires Who were the Italic Tribes? o The Etruscans – thought to have gathered throughout Italy as a result of natural disasters o The Celtic Gauls - “Cisalpine Gauls” – Moved in from French region. Found throughout Europe, settled primarily in Piedmont/ top half of Italy o Sicils – Seculi – Once lived in central Italy, migrated to Sicily Sicily - Fertile island; occupies very strategic point in the Mediterranean; extremely vulnerable because it is a highly visible island with low mountains, full of large bays and inlets. Due to the openness of Italy, they were conquered many times by different empires; Poverty o Invading Empires: Greeks Phoenicians – From Africa Romans – Stay for 800 years, unify Italy Arabs – 9 th century Normans Bourbons – From Spain Bavarians – From Germany France – Napoleon 19 th century Bourbons – once again o Legacies left by the invasions: Fostered regionalism Architecture/ Statuary Dialects are regional Why was Rome important? o Dominant culture shift from Africa and Middle East to Europe o Romans were great assimilators; incorporate Greekk culture (and others) into myths/ architecture, etc. . o Rome is the world’s first multicultural city o Rome: 260BC – 286AD (division of empire) Pax Romana – the Golden age of Rome (27AD – 180AD) 450AD – the END of Rome o Built roads and aquaducts o Built town squares ( Piazzas ), theatres, and ampitheatres o Established census and concensus, Roman senate o Instituted penal code: All men are innocent until proven guilty, all men are equal under the law o Established liberal arts as a regular course of study o Humanism became important La Storia – Chapters 1 & 2
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La mere des artes - “The mother of the Arts” – Italian immigrants were artists, musicians, architects, etc… giving Italy this nickname The Risorgimento - Italian unification movement that turned Italy into a single nation. Started in 1815 with the Congress of Vienna and the end of Napoleonic rule Giuseppe Garibaldi - Italian military and political hero who helped liberate many South American colonies before fighting for the Risorgimento in Italy Giuseppe Mazzini – Italian patriot, philosopher and politician who failed to establish a Roman republic in 1848 and 1849; Leader in the Italian revolution Mezzogiorno - The southern portion of Italy, including Sicily. Reference to the mid-day heat Mondus Novus - A pamphlet by Amerigo Vespucci which told of his experiences exploring the new world Christopher Columbus - Born in Genoa, funded by the Spanish Amerigo Vespucci - Born in Florence, funded by the Spanish Giovanni Cabato – Born in Genoa, funded by England Giovanni Da Verrazzano - Born in Florence, funded by the French The original reason people objected to the canonization of Columbus is that they
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Italian Americans and Ethnic Relations - Italian Americans...

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