Chapter 17 - Chapter 17 Freedoms Boundaries at Home and...

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Chapter 17: Freedoms Boundaries at Home and Abroad. 1890-1900 During the 1890s, millions of farmers joined the Populist movement in an attempt to reverse their declining economic prospects and to rescue the gov from what they saw as control by powerful corporate interests. (637) The Populist Challenge o The Farmers Revolt Even as labor unrest crested, a different kind of uprising was ripening in the South and the trans-Mississippi West, a response to falling agricultural prices and growing economic dependency in rural areas. Farmers increasingly believed their plight derived from the high freight rates charged by railroad companies, excessive interest rates for loans from merchants and bankers, and the fiscal policies of the federal government that reduced the supply of money and helped to push down farm prices. The Farmers Alliance sought to remedy this by proposing the gov establish warehouses where farmers could store crops until sale, us the crops as collateral to issue loans to farmers at low interest rates. o The People’s Party In the early 1890s, the Alliance evolved into the People’s Party (or Populists). It sought to speak for all “producing classes” and published numerous pamphlets on political and economic questions, establishing over 1000 local newspapers. (638) o The Populist Platform A classic document of American Reform which put forth a long list of proposals to restore democracy and economic opportunity, many of which would be adopted during the next half-century: The direct election of US senators, gov control of the currency, a graduated income tax, a system of low-cost public financing to enable farmers to market their crops, and recognition of the right of workers to form labor unions. o
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Chapter 17 - Chapter 17 Freedoms Boundaries at Home and...

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