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Class 5 - Last Week Outer layer of onion: under anarchy,...

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Last Week… Outer layer of onion: under anarchy, there is always a commitment problem Situation states want to avoid - CD: being conquered - DD: costly war (opportunity costs) Situations states want to be in - CC: cooperation - DC: conquering other states How do states prevent the other side from defecting To prevent other side from defecting… States won’t attack if cost of war exceeds benefits - You don’t’ want to lower benefits of conquest So you raise costs of war - Deterrence - How? Increase capability and signal resolve The Balance of Power Become hegemon OR The pretensions of the most aggressive member of the international community are kept in check by a combination of the others - States behave aggressively for security - If unchecked, outcome is empire - Other states (self-help); on their own in combo with each other (alliances) - How do you prevent this without costly war? - Join forces with other states alliance Purpose: prevents rise of hegemon and preserves/defends status quo o May/may not prevent war - States create alliances to raise the costs of war for a potential aggressor (deterrence) o Logic: fighting 3 states is harder than fighting one - In a balancing coalition, states pool resources for the common defense and must credibly commit to defend each other What BoP responds to Shifts in the distribution of power - Rising and declining power Mismatch between distribution of power and distribution of benefits - The strongest states set up the international system to their benefit (UN Security Council) - Rising powers cut out of benefits challenge to gain benefits (‘myturn’)
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Class 5 - Last Week Outer layer of onion: under anarchy,...

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