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Class 7

Class 7 - states have veto and supply the troops o Main...

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International Organizations Started by states and play a significant role International organizations/institutions/regimes (same thing) - Principles rules and decision making procedures o Court - Around which expectations converge o Purpose to get expectations of actors to the same place Difference between IO and Alliance States function in a world of anarchy alliances switch sides (not like world orgs) IOs are enduring, may or may not have open membership - Lower uncertainty and mistrust; reduce fear of defection - Lowers commitment problem through a third party (UN peacekeeping) o Peacekeeping not often between large states because (not that many #) and big
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Unformatted text preview: states have veto and supply the troops o Main point is to stop states from being invaded, but UN does not have the ability-Lower costs of cooperating by reducing transaction costs (high T cost prevent states from coop) Transaction Cost Fuel/Buss Pass Opportunity Cost Price Actual DVD Cost and Tax Externality Pollution o States negotiate with every state (with different laws) over treaties Difficult to harmonize trade standards o Gives everyone a set of rules to follow o Dispute resolution (instead of states suing each other)-Socialization between diplomats...
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