Class 11 - Recall from last time Big changes in world...

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Recall from last time… Big changes in world politics often not explained by power/profit Importance of norms (ideas of right and wrong) Norms don’t change by themselves, activists change them They do so through “strategic social construction” A Third Approach to IR Realism Liberalism Constructivism Who’s Important States (leaders all act the same) States and domestic groups States and activists who can be transnational What’s important? material power alone Material power + institutions (perceptions) + domestic interests Material power (of states) + moral ideas of how states should act Can change happen in world politics? Not really, system remains competitive under anarchy Yes, if you get demo + IO’s = less competition Yes, if identities change through new ideas Activists can be transnational, so… If activists cross borders (Doctors without Borders), and states work within borders, what is relationship between activists and states? Complicated. Should human rights groups have supported the US invasion of Iraq in 2003? Need to look at two things
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Class 11 - Recall from last time Big changes in world...

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