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CHE 339/BME 339/BIO 335 Exam I Tuesday, October 11, 2005 Your name ________________Answer Key________________ Regrades only possible if done in pen. Part 1: Short Questions: ANSWER IN THE SPACE PROVIDED 1 . Y o u r b o s s a s k e d y o u t o d e t e r m i n e t h e P max and Ks values for the organism Longhornious pestis which was recently discovered at the Royal Memorial stadium. You have in your disposal shake flasks, growth media (you wish to grow the bacteria with glucose as the limiting nutrient) and standard microbiological equipment (but no continuous stirred tank fermenter). Describe what experiments you would need to do, the data you will have to obtain and how you will plot the data to calculate the parameters you need (6 points). Grow the bacteria in shake flasks with varying initial levels of substrate. Measure the biomass concentration at early time points and use the Monod model, dX/dt=µX, to get µ vs. S data. (The lag phase can be neglected if the bacteria are subcultured first). By taking the inverse of both sides of the other Monod equation, µ=µ max S/(K s +S), you get an eqation in y=mx+b form so you can plot 1/µ vs. 1/S Æ slope = K s max and y-intercept = 1/µ max . 2 . N am e 4 w a y s f
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Exam I 2005 Solutions - CHE 339/BME 339/BIO 335 Exam I...

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