Final exam 2008 - FINAL EXAM BME 339/CHE 339/BIO 335 FALL...

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FINAL EXAM BME 339/CHE 339/BIO 335 FALL 2008 Monday December 15, 2008 YOUR NAME _________________________________ 1. Antibodies (15 points total) A. What is the hypervariable region of antibodies and what is its role in the recognition of antigens? (2 points) B. Briefly describe the logic and the key steps in the generation of monoclonal antibodies via the hybridoma technology (6 points). C. What is the main problem with the use of murine monoclonal antibodies as a human therapeutics? What are chimeric antibodies (2 points)? D. Describe how antibodies to a desired antigen can be isolated by phage display (5 points) 2. Biofuels (5 points) A. Define Cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin (3 points)
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B. What are the main technical issues in the pre-processing of agricultural biomass for biofuel production (2 points) 3. Protein Engineering (6 points) A. Useful proteins with improved function can be engineered by fusing two genes encoding different proteins. How can two genes be fused using PCR? (2 points) B. DNA shuffling or in vitro recombination followed by library screening is widely used to generate proteins with improved properties. What is it and what does it accomplish? ( 4 points) 4. Vaccines (6 points) A. What is immunological memory and why is it important for protection against disease? (2 points) B. What are the three mechanisms by which antibodies mediate protection from infectious agents (1.5 points) C. What is an adjuvant? (1 point) D. What is the main advantages and the two main disadvantages of subunit vaccines (1.5 points)? 5.
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Final exam 2008 - FINAL EXAM BME 339/CHE 339/BIO 335 FALL...

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