Anaximander of Miletus

Anaximander of Miletus - Anaximander of Miletus Astronomy...

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Anaximander of Miletus Astronomy 5.1 – He was the first to discover the gnomon and set one up on the sundials at Sparta…indicating the solstices and equinoxes, and he constructed hour-markers. Map 5.2—I laugh when I Consider that before now many have drawn maps of the world, but no one has set it out in a reasonable way. They draw Okeanos[the river Ocean] flowing round the earth, which is round as if made by a compass, and they make Asia equal to Europe. Physical Theories 5.3—Of those who declared that the ARCHE is one, moving and APEIRON, Anaximander….said that the APEIRON was the ARCHE and element of things that are, and he was the first to introduce this name for the ARCHE[ i.e., he was the first to call the ARCHE APEIRON]. ( IN addition he said that motion is eternal, in which it occurs that the heavens come to be.) He says that the ARCHE is neither water nor any other of the things called elements, but some other nature which is APEIRON, out of which come to be all the heavens and the worlds in them. This is eternal andd ageless and surrounds all the worlds. 5.4—The infinite[APEIRON] body cannot be one and simple if it is conceived ,as some say, as that which is aside from the elements….For some make the infinite this[i.e., something aside from the elements], tather than air or water to keep the others from being destroyed by the one of thme that is infinite. For they contain oppositions with regard to one another, for example, air is
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Anaximander of Miletus - Anaximander of Miletus Astronomy...

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