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Abnormal psych extra

Abnormal psych extra - numbness in which conselation does...

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Bradley J. Hunt From Sorrow to Stability: Coping in the Midst of Grief Speaker: Larry Dawalt, M.Div. The speaker started with a discussion of grief, describing it as an intense and deeply painful reaction to a loss, usually associated with the death of a loved one. People who have any type of loss go through a grieving process because of their significant loss. This may be either Linear or Non-Linear. The different stages of grief were developed by Elizabeth Kulber-Ross and there are five stages of a reaction to a diagnosis. Denial and shock, can last up to six months if any longer it is classified as a prolonged grief disorder. During this stage the person experiences
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Unformatted text preview: numbness in which conselation does not help. The way Dr. Dawalt put it ‘when grief is new, words should be few’. Handle holding or food can be used as nourishment, the need for closure calls by staff who deal with the patient and their family. Anger is the next stage, here you wonder why you were affected and no one else was. Grief is in picturing and seeing memories of the person who is about to pass or in the process. Bargaining is next, here the person thinks what if I do this...
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