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On The Written Homework The purpose of the written homework problems is to show me examples of how you think. You can get the right number in CAPA without having a clue how to actually work the problem and when the test comes around you won’t be very happy with the outcome. You can’t show me how you think by writting down a bunch of equations and things like x q = 57.6 furlongs ê fortnight. Your goal (and the way you get credit for the problem) is to give me a reasoned argument that should convince me that your answer is correct. Look at the example problems I put on the website, look at the solutions to the battleship problem and the jumping problem that I’ve emailed to everyone. Your answers should look like those. Do not just write down (1) h top = 1 2 gt 2 write down “But this is free fall and at the top, the velocity is zero, so for the segment of the curve from the top down to h top below that, (2) x - x 0 = v 0 t + 1 2 at 2 implies that - h top = 0 t - 1 2 gt 2 ‘Doing physics’ is not figuring out which equation in the big list of equations you’ve seen that you should write down and plug
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Unformatted text preview: numbers into for problem X. You are paying good money for the fun of sitting in the room three days a week and suffering through CAPA problems and tests. If the only skill you work on this semester is picking equations and randomly doing algebra until you get a new equation with one unknown and then doing the requisite arithmetic, you’re throwing your money away because that skill will be almost certainly entirely useless no matter what 17 different careers you happen to have between now and when you retire at 89 years of age. It took human beings 2,000 years of effort to figure out how to think about the world in a way that allowed us to understand and predict how it works, this class is your opportunity to learn how to do it too. Show me how you think about these problems and I will be able to help you find better ways of thinking about them. I can’t do this if you show me a sequence of mathematical steps without written motivation for each step....
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