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Homework 1. phys309, Spring 2010 distributed: Jan, 25 2010 due: Mon, Feb. 1 2010 Electron motion in magnetic field (A) In the Lab#1 experiment the initial velocity of the electron was directed in the plain perpendicular to the magnetic field B . What happens if there is also an out-of-plane component of the velocity? Prove that the trajectory of the electron is a spiral. Express the pitch of the spiral in terms of the in-plane velocity component v || and the out-of-plane component v . (B) If the electron gun in Lab#1 is not oriented exactly vertically, the electron velocity will indeed have some
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Unformatted text preview: unwanted component along the field B created by the coils (here we will disregard the Earth field). The misalignment angle φ of the gun and the absolute value of the electron velocity v determine the components v || and v ⊥ . Find at which misalignment φ * the electron beams does not hit the glass rod in the tube any more. The rod radius is r = 2 mm. When the gun is oriented perfectly vertically the electron orbit radius is R = 5 cm 1...
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