The value of money

The value of money - The value of money as revealed by the...

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Unformatted text preview: The value of money, as revealed by the money market, is variable. A change in money demand or a change in the money supply will yield a change in the value of money and in the price level. Notice that the change in the value of money and the change in the price level are of the same magnitude but in opposite directions. An increase in the money supply is depicted in Figure 2. Notice that the new intersection of the money supply curve and the money demand curve is at a lower value of money but a higher price level. This happens because more money is in circulation, so each bill becomes worth less. It takes more bills to purchase goods and services, and thus the price level increases accordingly. The quantity theory of money is based directly on the changes brought about by an increase in the money supply. The quantity theory of money states that the value of increase in the money supply....
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