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Name Math 115 11 / 22 / 11 Quiz 7-8 (20 points) Directions: You have 10 minutes for this quiz. You are allowed a calculator, though TI-89, TI- 92, or any calculator with a QWERTY keyboard is not permitted. Please complete the following. No work, no credit. 1. Ferris Wheel A Ferris Wheel has a radius of 12 meters and the bottom of the wheel passes 1 meter above the ground. If the Ferris Wheel makes one complete revolution every 20 seconds, find an equation that gives the height above the ground of a person on the Ferris
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Unformatted text preview: Wheel as a function of time. 2. Biological Clocks Circadian rhythms are biological processes that oscillate with a period of approximately 24 hours. Blood pressure appears to follow such a rhythm. For a certain individual, the average resting blood pressure varies from a maximum of 110 mmHg at 4pm to a minimum of 70 mmHg at 4am. Find a function that models the blood pressure of the individual at time t where t is the number of hours after midnight....
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