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Math 115 Recitation 1

Math 115 Recitation 1 - (See Sec 1.8#27 Sketch the region...

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PRECALCULUS – Recitation 1 Problems to go over in Class: (See Sec. 1.6 , #30) A father is four times as old as his daughter. In 6 years, he will be three times as old as she is. How old is the daughter now? (See Sec. 1.6 , #61***) Candy and Tim share a paper route. It takes Candy 70 minutes to deliver all of the papers, and it takes Tim 80 minutes. How long does it take the two if they work together? (See Sec. 1.6 , #69) A pilot flew a jet from Montreal to Los Angeles, a distance of 2500 miles. On the return trip, the average speed was 20% faster than the outbound speed. The round trip took hours. What was the speed from Montreal to Los Angeles?
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Unformatted text preview: (See Sec. 1.8 , #27) Sketch the region given by the set . (See Sec. 1.8 , #79) Test the equation . (See Sec. 1.8 , # 97***) Find an equation of the circle that satisfies the given conditions: The endpoints of a diameter are and (See Sec. 1.8 #104***) Show the equation represents a circle and find the center and radius of the circle. (See Sec 1.10 , #15) Find the equation of the line whose graph is sketched. (See Sec 1.10 , #31) Give an equation of a line that satisfies the following conditions: Passes through ; parallel to the line...
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