Math 115 Recitation 6

Math 115 Recitation 6 - (See Sec 4.3 #21) Evaluate the...

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PRECALCULUS – Recitation 6 Problems to go over in Class: (See Sec 4.1 #35) Graph . State the domain, the range, and the new location of the asymptote. (See Sec 4.1 #47) Bacteria Growth A bacteria culture contains 1500 bacteria and doubles every hour. a. Find a function that models the number of bacteria after t hours. b. Find the number of bacteria after 24 hours. (See Se 4.1 #53) Compound Interest If $5000 is invested at an interest rate of 3.75% per year, compounded quarterly, find the value of the investment after 2 years.
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Unformatted text preview: (See Sec 4.3 #21) Evaluate the expressions: a. b. c. (See Sec 4.3 #26) Evaluate the expressions a. b. c. (See Sec 4.3 #32*) Use the definition of logarithm to find the value of x . a. b. (See Sec 4.3 #65) Find the domain of (See Sec 4.3 #78) Find the functions and given and (See Sec 4.4 # 31, 35*) Use Laws of Logarithms to expand the expressions: a. b. (See Sec 4.4 #45, 49*) Use the Laws of Logarithms to combine the expressions: a. b. (Supplementary for Sec 4.4* ) Use the Change of Base Formula to calculate ....
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