Math 115 Recitation 7

Math 115 Recitation 7 - interest rate is 8.5 per year...

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PRECALCULUS – Recitation 7 Problems to go over in Class: (See Sec 4.4 # 31, 35*) Use Laws of Logarithms to expand the expressions: a. b. (See Sec 4.4 #45, 49*) Use the Laws of Logarithms to combine the expressions: a. b. (See Sec 4.5 #6, 8, 23) Find all solutions of the exponential equations: a. b. c. (See Sec 4.5 # 29, 33) Solve the equations: a. b. (See Sec 4.5 #41, 47, 51) Solve the logarithmic equations: a. b. c. (See Sec 4.5 #79) How long will it take for an investment of $1000 to double in value if the
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Unformatted text preview: interest rate is 8.5% per year compounded continuously? (See Sec 4.6 #5) The fox population in a certain region has a relative growth rate of 80% per year. It is estimated that the population in 2005 was 18,000. a. Find a function that modes the population t years after 2005. b. Use the function from part (a) to estimate the fox population in 2013. c. How long will it take for the fox population to double?...
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