Abolitionist Movement

Abolitionist Movement - Abolitionist Movement - A social...

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Unformatted text preview: Abolitionist Movement - A social movement organized in the North to abolish the institution of slavery, upon which the economy of the South depended. The movement gained most of its influence during the three decades preceding the Civil War. Assonant rhyme - Repetition of related vowel sounds, or the rhyming of vowels rather than whole words. Dickinson often used assonant rhyme in her poetry in order to retain the most apt word choices for her meanings, rather than picking two words that rhymed but did not convey meaning most accurately. Congregationalism - The type of Protestantism that the Dickinsons practiced in their Amherst church. It differs from other kinds of Protestantism because of its organizationit allows each congregation control over its own affairs, rather than centralizing power. It holds to the principle that God is the true head of each church, not centralizing power....
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