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According to Leonardo - According to Leonardo's journals,...

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Unformatted text preview: According to Leonardo's journals, the year 1490 marked the arrival of a new member to the artist's household: the ten-year-old boy Giacomo, known as "Salai." Salai was a beautiful boy from a peasant family. No one knows the precise nature of his relationship to Leonardo, though the master seemed quite indulgent toward him, showering him with gifts and never punishing him for his constant petty thievery. Salai lived with Leonardo for the rest of his life. However, they often quarreled, and for one reason or another, Salai seems to have received less at Leonardo's death than seems appropriate. In 1493, a woman named "Caterina" came to live with Leonardo. Although historians remain unsure whether this woman was Caterina Leonardo's mother she may have been a servantbut many scholars suspect she was indeed the artist's mother: some of the few vague personal notes in Leonardo's notebooks suggest that he had invited her,...
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