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Arriving in Amboise

Arriving in Amboise - Arriving in Amboise he took up...

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Unformatted text preview: Arriving in Amboise, he took up residence in a manor at Cloux, which was connected by a short underground tunnel to the King's château. The King treated him with great honor. Although Leonardo's arm was paralyzed and he could no longer paint, Francis thought him a worthwhile expense: he enjoyed Leonardo's conversation and regarded him the most cultivated man in Europe. Don Antonio de Beatis, a secretary to the cardinal of Aragon, visited Leonardo at Cloux. He describes him as a great gentleman. Leonardo showed de Beatis his notebooks, giving de Beatis the impression that they would eventually be published. Although Leonardo devised chapter headings and timetables for treatises on casting, painting, vision, the flight of birds, the voice, ballistics, hydraulics, building materials, and human anatomy, none of them were ever completed. In April of 1519, Leonardo composed his will. He wills his soul to "Almighty God," a sign In April of 1519, Leonardo composed his will....
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