In 1512 - In 1512 the Sforza family regained control of...

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Unformatted text preview: In 1512, the Sforza family regained control of Milan. Ludovico Sforza was long dead, and the ruler Maximilian had taken his place. With his patron defeated, Leonardo decided to go to Rome, where Leo X, a Medici, was now pope. He went there at the behest of Giuliano de Medici, the pope's brother and commander of the papal troops. He and his pupils Salai and Melzi resided in apartments in the Belvedere, a villa inside the walls of the Vatican. During these three years in Rome, Leonardo pursued architecture, hydraulics, and the dynamics of mirrors. At this time, the Medici empire's fortune depended largely on the dye industry, and Leonardo attempted to fashion a parabolic solar reflector that would speed the boiling process essential to the making of dyes. And although he was also at work on various architectural projects as well, Leonardo...
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