In 1830 - In 1830 Amherst was a small farming village In...

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Unformatted text preview: In 1830, Amherst was a small farming village. In the next decades, with Edward Dickinson's help, it would become an intellectual center full of schools and colleges. But Amherst was still quite provincial when Emily was born there, in the only brick house in town. Emily was the middle child in the Dickinson family. Her brother Austin was a year and a half older, and her sister Lavinia was two years younger. Their father, Edward Dickinson, was a prominent Amherst lawyer, the treasurer of Amherst College and, later, a U.S. Congressman. A taciturn and sometimes cold man, he demanded a lot from his children. He was so inexpressive that when his rare smiles were almost "embarrassing," as Emily wrote to a friend. Emily was Edward's favorite, although he took pains to hide his affection for his middle child. Emily Norcross Dickinson, Emily's mother, was also a his affection for his middle child....
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