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Unformatted text preview: Leonardo's notebooks from this time depict several apocalyptic visions, usually associated with a deluge reminiscent of the biblical flood. They also contain are also many illustrations, as above, which combine Leonardo's artistic skills with his interest in hydraulics. It was probably at this time that Leonardo drew the above self-portrait. It shows an old man, with the long beard and haggard look we have come to associate with Leonardo. It should be noted that, if this is indeed a self-portrait, as most critics agree, it is remarkable that it is drawn from an angle, not head on: Leonardo probably arranged a complex system of mirrors in order to draw himself from this angle. While in Rome, Leonardo completed his last major painting, Saint John the Baptist. Although it was his last, it is also one of his least famous paintings. John's androgynous Although it was his last, it is also one of his least famous paintings....
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