On September 23rd

On September 23rd - On September 23rd they landed on...

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Unformatted text preview: On September 23rd, they landed on another island in the Galapagos, Charles Island, where they found a small settlement. On the 28th they moved on to Albermarle, the largest of the islands. On each island Darwin gathered the species he found. He noticed that the birds that he had collected on Chatham differed from those he found on Charles and Albermarle, and he also heard the local residents claim that they could tell by looking at the shape of the shell which of the islands a tortoise had come from. But he was careless in his collecting, and for the most part he failed to label his species by the island on which he had found them, assuming for the most part that they were the same species on each island. The finches in particular bewildered him: there seemed to be different kinds, but as far as he could tell they mixed together in flocks almost randomly,...
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