Texas Western versus Kentucky

Texas Western versus Kentucky - 1 Professor Powell History...

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1 Professor Powell History 360 22 May 2006 A Triumph for Equality The year was 1966 and the forgone conclusion: four-time NCAA champion Kentucky would again win the title. However, in the Midwest Region, Texas Western battled through many tough teams to contend with the wildcats. Led by five African- American starters, Don Haskins’ Texas Western team, which had faced not only taunts but threats throughout its 28-1 season played the championship wildcats. The game was played in Memorial Collesium with a heavily white Kentucky crowd. The game not only had been a championship game but also a race war with the fans who supported their all white team. In the past with black athletes such as Jack Johnson, the crowd heavily booed the challenging black in support of their white supremecy. However, on March 19, 1966, the Miners, with five black starters, won the NCAA men's basketball championship, defeating Kentucky 72-65. It marked the first time an all-black team had played in the championship game and changed the complexion of NCAA basketball forever. After their win, other NCAA coaches began recruiting African-American players, leading to the integrated game. The number of black athletes at major colleges surged immediately afterward and basketball, which had always been linked with sweet-shooting
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Texas Western versus Kentucky - 1 Professor Powell History...

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