There was no fresh water on the Galapagos

There was no fresh water on the Galapagos - There was no...

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Unformatted text preview: There was no fresh water on the Galapagos, so the Beagle started to run low. Fortunately they ran into an American ship that generously gave water to tide them over. Stopping back at Chatham, they killed another thirty tortoises and some iguanas to serve as supplies for the voyage across the Pacific. Darwin also got a young tortoise, which he kept alive as a pet and living specimen. On October 20, 1835, about a month after arriving, they finally left the Galapagos and headed towards Tahiti. It took about four weeks of sailing on the high seas to cover 3200 miles and arrive in Tahiti in mid-November. From there they went to New Zealand (December 19) and Australia (January, 1836), stopping in Tasmania (February 5) and at several points along the Australian coast. In Australia Darwin saw his first platypus up close and also managed to bag a rat kangaroo, though he was disappointed not to have caught a real...
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