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Quiz2A - Physics 2 C Spring 2009 Quiz 2A Nam e MULTIPLE...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 2 C Spring 2009 Quiz 2A Nam e___________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) A ʺghostʹ on an analogue TV screen used to appear due to reflectron of the signal from a m ountain resulting in reflected weaker signal that had a longer distance to tra vel by 1.0 km . How far is the ʺghostʺ displaced in the horizontal direction if the width of the screen is 80 cm and the electron beam sca ns across the screen once every 10‐ 4 s. A) 2.7 cm B) 0.8 cm C) 4.5 cm D) 1.0 cm 1) E) 3.4cm 2) The average intensity of solar radiation at noon on a sunny day is 1.0 kw/m 2 . Find the force exerted by the radiation pressure of this light on an antenna with a ra dius of 2.0 m if all the light is absorbed. A) 2.8x10‐ 5 N 2) B) 1.4x10‐ 4 N C) 4.2x10‐ 5 N D) 7.2x10‐ 5 N E) 2.1x10‐ 3 N 3) Which is not true about electrom agnetic radiation from an oscillating electric dipole? A) The intensity decreases with increasing distance B) The intensity is zero along the dipole axis C) The intensity is the sam e in all directions D) The radiation is polarized E) The electric field is perpendicular to the m agnetic field 3) 4) What is the m axim um value of the electric field at a distance of 0.70 m away from a 60 W light bulb? 3 A) 7.3x10 V/m 4) B) 1.8x104 V/m 2 C) 4.2x10 V/m D) 2.5x103 V/m 3 E) 3.8x10 V/m 5) Unpolarized light with intensity S o is passed through two polarizers whose transm ission axes are 5) at an angle of 30o apart from each other. The intensity of the transm itted light is _______ S o . A) 0.5 B) 0.45 C) 0.38 D) 0.75 E) 0.33 6) An electrom agnetic wave is propagating towards the west. At a certain m om ent the direction of the m agnetic field vector a ssociated with this wave points vertica lly up. What is the direction of the electric field vector? A) Vertica l and pointing up B) Horizontal and pointing east C) Horizontal and pointing south D) Horizontal and pointing north E) Vertica l and pointing down 1 6) Answer Key Testname: QUIZ 2 1) A 2) C 3) C 4) A 5) C 6) C 2 ...
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