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Unformatted text preview: Physics 2 C Spring 2009 Quiz3A Nam e___________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) A beam of light is incident on one side of an equilatera l prism with a refra ctive index of 1.60 at an o angle of incidence of 50 . When the beam exits the prism on the other side, the angle of refra ction is equal to A) 53.2o B) 46.3o C) 56.5o D) 50.2o 1) E) 39.5o 2) Two m irrors m ake an angle of 30o. A ray of light enters the system and is reflected once off each m irror in a sym m etrica l m anner (the angles of incidence for the two reflections are the sam e). Through what angle is the ray turned? A) 120o B) 36o C) 45o D) 60o E) 90o 2) 3) A sm all underwater pool light is 1 m below the surface of a swim m ing pool. What is the 3) radius of the circle of light on the surface, from which light emerges from the water? (n water = 1.333). A) 0.68 m B) 0.77 m C) 1.13 m D) 1.43 m E) 0.57 m 4) A ra y is incident on an air‐ glass interface and the reflected light is 100% polarized. Find the angle of the refracted ray if the critica l angle at the interface is 29.6 degrees. A) 32.7o B) 64.3o C) 26.3 o D) 43.2o E) 21.5o 4) 5) In order to have light transm itted com pletely through an air‐ glass interface you should use light that is __________ A) polarized perpendicular to the incident plane with angle of incidence equal to the polarizing angle B) polarized in the incident plane with angle of incidence equal to the polarizing angle. C) unpolarized with an angle of incidence equal to the polarizing angle D) incident at an angle of incidence less than the critica l angle. E) incident at an angle of incidence greater than the critica l angle 5) 6) For a prim ary rainbow the rainbow angle for blue light is _______than that of red light beca use the refractive index of blue light is _______ than that of red light. A) greater, less B) greater, greater C) less, equal D) less, less E) less, greater 6) 1 Answer Key Testname: QUIZ 3 1) C 2) D 3) C 4) C 5) B 6) E 2 ...
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