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Unformatted text preview: Physics 2 C Spring 2009 Quiz5A Nam e___________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) How m any grating grooves are needed to resolve two spectral lines at λ = 351 nm separa ted by 0.59 nm in order m = 4 ? A) 297 B) 149 C) 365 D) 0 E) 595 1) 2) What wavelength m onochrom atic source in the visible region ( l =390 to 710 nm ) can be used 2) to constructively reflect off a soap film (n = 1.33) if the film is 240 nm thick? A) 513 nm B) 480 nm C) 467 nm D) 426 nm 3) A Michelson interferom eter, illum inated with light of wavelength 373 nm , is set up so that the m irrors are on opposite sides of an earthquake fault line. One arm has length L1 = 49.8 cm , and the 3) other a rm has length L = 50.9 cm . During the day, a photo detector recorded 144 fringes passing 2 the viewer. W hat was the change in fault separa tion in m m ? A) 35.6 B) 107.5 C) 26.9 D) 38.5 E) 53.7 4) A ca m era used for aerial surveillance has a lens with a 30‐ cm m axim um aperture and a 42 ‐ cm focal length. Assum e light of 550‐ nm wavelength is used and that the resolution of the ca m era is lim ited solely by diffra ction.The angular resolution of the ca m era at m axim um aperture, in m ra d, is closest to: A) 3.2 B) 4.5 C) 2.2 D) 1.6 E) 6.3 4) 5) A 2‐ slit arrangem ent with 60.3 ‐ μ m separa tion between the slits is illum inated with 482.0‐ nm light. Assum ing that a viewing screen is located 2.14 m from the slits, find the distance from the first dark fringe (i.e. intensity m inim a) on one side of the central m axim um to the second dark fringe on the other side. A) 34.2 m m B) 48.3 m m C) 51.3 m m D) 68.4 m m E) 24.1 m m 5) 6) The im age of a star taken through a large pinhole has exactly the sam e diam eter a s the pinhole. As the pinhole decreases in diam eter, the starʹs im age gets sm aller until diffra ction ca uses it to broaden and becom e larger than the geom etrica l im age. For a star im aged in light of wavelength 389 nm onto a a screen 295 cm away, what pinhole diam eter will give the m inim um star im age size? A) 1.18 m m B) 8.7 m m C) 0.54 m m D) 2.8 m m E) 1.67 m m 6) 1 Answer Key Testname: QUIZ 5 1) B 2) D 3) C 4) C 5) A 6) E 2 ...
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