Quiz4b - Exam Phys 2C, Quiz 4 Name_ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose...

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Exam Phys 2C, Quiz 4 Name___________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. Figure 19.1 1) In Fig. 19.1, the net work done by the gas during the cycle is closest to: A) 4.00 kJ B) 8.00 kJ C) 12.0 kJ D) 20.0 kJ E) 16.0 kJ 2) An adiabatic compression is performed on an ideal gas. The final pressure is equal to 0.56 times the initial pressure and the final volume equals 1.50 times the initial volume. The adiabatic constant for the gas is closest to: A) 1.45 B) 1.57 C) 1.43 D) 1.48 E) 1.52 3) A Carnot engine is operated as a heat pump to heat a room in the winter. The heat pump delivers heat to the room at the rate of 43 kJ per second and maintains the room at a temperature of 293 K when the outside temperature is 249 K. The power requirement for the heat pump under these operating conditions, in SI units, is closest to: A) 286000 B) 243000 C) 7600 D) 5600 E) 6500 4) A Carnot cycle heat engine works between a hot reservoir at 650 K and cold reservoir at 303 K, using 3 mol of an ideal gas. During the isothermal expansion part of the cycle, the gas expands from an initial volume of 40 L to a final volume of 120 L. How much heat, in kJ, is rejected to the cold resevoir during one cylce of the engine? A) 17.8 B) 8.3 C) 9.5 D) 26.1 5) A power plant outputs 10 7 W of power operating at an efficeincy of 32%. What is the rate, in kg/sec, at which this plant uses cooling water , assuming an average 6 °C rise in cooling - water temperature? The denisty of water is 1000 kg/m 3 , its thermal conductivity is 0.6 W/(m · K), and specific heat is 4180 J/(kg · K) A) 1250 B) 850 C) 400 D) 130 E) 585 A-1
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6) Which of the following is a WRONG statement? A) Direct transfer of heat from a warmer to a cooler object is an irreversible process. B) Molar specific heat of a diatomic gas at constant volume is 2.5R. C) In quasi - static adiabatic compression of ideal gas, the work by an outside agent is entirely converted into the internal energy of the gas . D) When a Carnot cycle heat engine using an ideal gas works between two reservoirs with temperatures T h and T c , the amount of work done during one cycle proportional to the logarithm of the ratio between the final and initial volumes during isothermal expansion. E) In the Carnot cycle of a refrigerator, the stage when heat is extracted from the cold reservoir is isothermal contraction. 7) Which of the following is a WRONG statement? A) In quasi - static isothermal compression of ideal gas, the entire work done on the gas is converted into heat. B) Carnot cycle refrigerator becomes more efficient as the temperatures of the hot and cold reservoirs get closer together. C) It is possible for heat to flow spontaneously from a hot body to a cold one or from a cold one to a hot
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Quiz4b - Exam Phys 2C, Quiz 4 Name_ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose...

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