ZQuiz 4 solutions

ZQuiz 4 solutions - . 86 < 9 (6). Correct answer...

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1 Quiz 3 solutions are in order of the questions for version A. (1). Correct answer B The wavelength obeys the relation hc λ = φ = 2 . 54 × 10 - 19 which lead to result B (2). Correct answer is A From the de Broglie relation, p = mv = h/λ ; plugging in gives A (3). Correct answer is B KE = p ) 2 2 m 1 2 m ± h 4 πδx ² 2 Plugging in all the numbers gives B (4). Correct answer is D The photon energy must be 9(13.6 ev)(1/16 - 1/25). Equating this to hc λ gives the answer. (5). Correct answer is D The maximal energy loss for each scattering takes place with an angle of 180 o . For this angle, the change in wavelength is 2 h mc 4 . 86 pm . If the total change has to 40pm, this means that 8 collisions is not enough but 9 could be (8 < 40 / 4
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Unformatted text preview: . 86 &lt; 9 (6). Correct answer is C The existance of sharp spectral lines was the major motivation behind the Bohr model (7). Correct answer is A Light is emitted when at atom transitions from an excited state to a dierent state, lower in energy. (8). Correct answer is C Electrons can easily be given enough kinetic energy such that their de Broglie wave-length will be well below the wavelength of visible light. This leads to much greater resolution. 2 (9). Correct answer is A This atom has a completely lled n=2 level and hence is probably inert. (10). Correct answer is B By energy conservation, KE = 6.4 - 13.6/4 =3 ev...
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ZQuiz 4 solutions - . 86 &amp;amp;lt; 9 (6). Correct answer...

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