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n€*€ {.-t I ILar. . a'lr' {e,t F-ftt{rl q {'L tcq *-,,11. cdq *u ", VY Sample question for ChE 350 Fall 2009 Quiz I l. On the unit cells drawn below, sketch the given atomic positions, lattice directions or lattice planes: (a) (0,0,0), (ll2,l-12,0), (0, ll2,Il2), Q;6n> ( i, o,L) (c) (loofit ir)
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Unformatted text preview: V.JV / #- ]4r,ert x,J,? n.et Fi"lr--e"f2 Lr,1rA Qc'y 'r ?l ti )-l -t ! ri? x ( *"t +'f, (-tio r : t4*'JJ*r' (...o) I rrl. t , o,o tt, !o 0o /2 f/-* ru's{ Y-ilJ ? .-l 4 q?ccs. r"Y 5 t^'' vac,firv f"t* (o, o, ob ht ( l, t, t ) / ;- i ? grttlr "'1;1-^-"^ f ;b,, {,r,-) $....
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