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Quiz3_solutionsCHE350_Spring2010_ - CQP‘W Wag meg wsvlwfg...

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Unformatted text preview: CQP‘W Wag meg; wsvlwfg Sample question for ChE 350 Spring 2010 ‘ Quiz 3 Name: 1K Eq 1. [5 points] On the unit cells drawn below, sketch (and label) the given atomic positions, lattice directions or lattice planes: Orifim {cw} C0023 ) (a) (—1,1,1) (b) [521], [2110] c) (002), (10i'1‘ rgrza Q 01 “V A 9 ' 2. [5 points] CdTe is a semiconductor that is now being used in solar cells. CdTe has zinc blende crystal structure. Position and label the Cd and Te atoms in the unit cell on the left below. ...
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