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Unformatted text preview: Sample question for ChE 350 Spring 2010 . K E \l] Quiz 5 Name: 1. KT (KTaO3) is a transparent optical crystal made up of potassium, tantalum and oxygen. The structure of KT is shown below. It has a cubic crystal structure (unit cell shown below), and exhibits a number of attractive properties, such as absence of optical anisotropy, high refractive index, wide transmission range, and high stability in a hot or damp environment. alum" lam-‘91 (C) :9 HG l. XRD planet" of film symhcxizcd in 7 M K0171 at I75 ’C tiller (0! 4 i and IIII X h and (c: n II' |Inwdcr3a31llheslzcd III Irlhc same have as: (h) [51 SrTIOfi KT. K1150): PY. prnvhlmr: ['9 mflccliI In {mm 110.1) [II-III: III' SrTIO, suhulukc dun: Iu Cu K I. Goh, Levi and Lange deposited a layer of KT and performed XRD on the material. The XRD pattern is shown above. The authors believe that the first order diffraction peak (labeled “KT” at two theta of 22.5 degrees) corresponds to diffraction from the (100) planes. Determine the X—ray structure factor, Fhkl aneikr "=1 for diffraction from the (.100) planes of KT, taking values of f K z f n, 3 f o z 1 (Show your work 2’” 7(i’lg‘l‘kg 4E2?) “ 0:24 nx+thZTNZ) in the space provided below): {2: gm in cum—rt Cal \ {I} if Laval—1a; (3&ng M3963 A 1 (e20) (eta) (Overt), @ Cam; asap) 9 , Nil ’ ’Q Aé ’3': .>_> é; a; 9/4— TA A“; Ni 9 Co 1;: ,— A, 1”) ‘itkvl «K 3 ”/0.” A/Crg (9 ”g , «6 «Li flue +1; + z @ C 00) plume @ ”1:.” Z‘AD-LK Momma] ZWJLO’ZeogwoL) z’x‘i(190+0i+o.L) Zm;(1»i+wr0+0é) ZittO‘iW'éto 05 ~35 ’ a +2 % *f ., .i 0/ ‘ ”trio ”“3 i . 0/, T, 75 4— L/Tr b-t’ "l“ “2,? + g I} : 60$<®+Afln6 J» 2 Q + 3(c05’na—xtgmctt) : — { U 1"”\ ...
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