Quiz 10 potential problems ChE 350 F09

Quiz 10 potential problems ChE 350 F09 - (B) Draw the band...

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Sample questions for ChE 350 Fall 2009 Quiz 10 Name:________________________ 1 1. A piece of silicon doped with boron has a resistivity of 100 Ω cm at room temperature. (A) If the hole mobility is sec V cm 550 2 0 = μ , what is the dopant concentration? (Show your work) (B) Sketch qualitatively the Fermi level with respect to the conduction and valence band energies. 2. (A) Draw the band diagram for a p-n junction at room temperature.
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Unformatted text preview: (B) Draw the band diagram for the same p-n junction at high temperature (>1000 o C). 3. A silicon sample is doped with 10 17 As atoms/cm 3 . The intrinsic free electron concentration in Si at room temperature is 3 10 10 5 . 1 cm . (A) What is the equilibrium hole concentration p at 300K? (B) Sketch the position of the Fermi level in the band gap....
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