Quiz 13 potential problems ChE 350 F09

Quiz 13 potential problems ChE 350 F09 - H curve for a...

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Sample questions for ChE 350 Fall 2009 Quiz 13 Name:________________________ 1 1. Estimate the saturation magnetization and the saturation flux density of cobalt ferrite [(CoFe 2 O4) 8 ], which has a unit cell edge length of 0.838 nm\ 2. Figure 20.30 shows the B -versus-
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Unformatted text preview: H curve for a nickel-iron alloy. (A) What is the saturation flux density? (B) What is the saturation magnetization? (C) What is the remanence? (D) What is the coercivity? (E) Would you classify this material as a soft of hard magnetic material? Why?...
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