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Quiz 13_solutions_sp10 - Quiz 13 ChE 350 Spring 2010 Name K...

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Unformatted text preview: Quiz 13; ChE 350 Spring 2010 _ Name: K 6/\ éxj, 1. The figure below shows M-Versus—H curves for a single crystal layer of Pegsi. [Data from M. Miyao, et al., “Molecular beam epitaxial growth of ferromagnetic Heusler alloys for group—IV semiconductor spintronic devices,” Thin Solid Films, 518 (2010) 8273-3277.] The magnetization response depends on the relative orientation of the crystal with the applied magnetic field, as labeled by one of the three given crystallographic directions in the plot. (A) What is the coercivity of the “ [l 10]” sample?HiL;an g ZQ/ q (B) What is the remanence of the “l01fl” sample?fir;‘/ 15/0 Q/VVWLZ CC 7/- (C) Of the “ [01 fl” and “ [T2T]” samples, which one is the hardest magnetic material? [A l \ 1 , Mfl*~\ \ (D) Are these materials diamagnetic paramagnetic, antiferromagnetic or ferromagnet1c‘7 , gyro WWW “bk 0 7'- “z" .-r”” ‘\ (E) What is the sign of the magnetic susceptibility x, of these materialsfisitive /or negative)?: 55205! i \ \ffl 1- \fly/ Igé‘f‘fmmfsmh (2 XM >> O ...
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