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BIOLOGY VOCAB LIST #3 - Bio Vocab#3 page Additive...

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Bio Vocab #3 page Additive interaction- heterozygous develops a phenotype intermediate to those developed by homozygous for one of the two alleles Allele- one of the alternative forms of a gene found in a sexual population Alternation of generations- form of sexual reproduction, included both multicellular haploid phase and multicellular diploid phase within each reproductive cycle Anchoring junctions- structures that hold adjacent cells together by hooking into each cell’s cytoskeleton Cell differentiation- cells within same developing multicellular organism become different from each other, unique patterns turning on/off genes in different cell lines Development- regeneration of multicellular form from a starting point that has fewer cells, cell types, and less complex arrangements Dominance-recessive interaction- when heterozygous individual develops the same phenotype as homozygous for one of the two alleles Embryophyte- any phototroph in which early sporophyte development is supported by gametophyte Endocytosis- invagination of outer membrane to the point that materials outside the cell are
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