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FCS study guide #3 page Difference is timing of pubertal processes occur between males and females? o Girls get growth spurt 2 years earlier than boys (ht. and wt.) Negative consequences of early maturation for females? o More depressed, more sexually active, get picked on and judged by others Cultural factors affect onset of formal operations? o Education and experience Some psychological consequences of transition to middle school? o “top dog”, self-conscience, sensitive How does adolescent pregnancy in US compare to other western cultures? o US get pregnant more, but have less sex then other counties Gender differences that exist with suicide? o Adolescent are at greater risks, males are much more successful than females, because of active methods (guns) Cognitive changes that occur during teens that leads to increase parent-teen conflict? o Can think cognitive and a conflict Teen can now compare their parents to other parents, can see flaws, criticize them How does Conflict in parent-teen relations benefit adolescent identity development? o Shows they are developing How does period of adolescence affect marital satisfaction? o More dissatisfaction when dealing with a teenager What changes occur in parent’s life when their child becomes an adolescent? o Greater marital dissatisfaction and financial burdens, health goes down Benefits of having close friends in adolescence? o Buffer for stress, foundation for intimacy, improved attitude about school Risk factors associated with close online friends? o More parent-child conflict, more internet use, act out more How do styles of parenting affect identity outcomes? o How might a male and female differ in identity development? o Females-intimacy then identity o For males What is the “right of passage” in most cultures? o
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  • Minority group, Adolescent Identity Development, close online friends, Stage 1-LAUNCHING-leaving home, Post-formal thought-relativistic thinking

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FCS study guide #3 - FCS study guide#3 page Difference is...

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