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FCS study guide #4

FCS study guide #4 - How does the visuals system change is...

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How does the visuals system change is middle adulthood? o 1/6 less flexibility to focus, leads to presbyopia, wearing glasses, sensitivity to light Leading cause of death in middle aged adults in the US, men and women? o Men-Heart disease, Women-CANCER (breast), both in end is heart disease Ways stress is linked to illness? o Biological pathway-immune system, more subject to disease Majority of women say what about menopause? o Look at it as natural or is a positive way What changes occur in adulthood with respect to job satisfaction? o from 20-60 there is a steady increase, college or not, man or woman Leisure patterns related to adjustment with retirement? o Diversification of interest, if they have leisure they adjust better in retirement years How do parents adjust when their children leave home? o Empty nest syndrome-myth is it’s a sad time at life, research shows for most it’s not that difficult What is the strongest sibling relationship? o Sister-sister relationship Qualities of intergenerational transmission? o Mother is “kin-keeper”, gathers family together, make sure they stay in touch How does Levison conceptualize the conflicts and changes of midlife? o Focus on independence-identity leads into adulthood o Intimacy and productivity-making connections, building family/career o Interiority-being more reflective, not so much engaged What similarities in patterns of change exist across various stage theories of adult development? o start with sense of focus on individuals identity move to connection or intimacy Nuegarten’s view on personality change in adulthood? o Active to passive orientation (interiority), better healthy level in life Costa’s and McRae study suggests about stability and change?
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