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History Final Review-Terms

History Final Review-Terms - Terms Hitler's step by step...

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Terms Hitler's step by step plan 1. Restore German power in Central Europe-All Germans agree with him, is open not like they next three 2. Conquer Russia and acquire a continental power base-he believes the days of the Island powers are over (England), those who have the power will have continents 3. Regain colonies and bases overseas-looking from Norway down to Spain, sees them as large naval bases 4. Face down America with racially vitalized Europe-taking out the Jews Hitler's view on the world 5. Race-believes in racial view of the world and that a society rise and fall according to how well they keep their racial purity, Germany was in a high level of racial purity, lost war because they were stabbed in the back by the Jews, and they rubbed of a republican form of government 6. Space-the Nazi's believed that to maintain racial vitality German people had to have enough land to live on, Hitler is convinced that the reason the Germans left Germany was because their space was to small so they lose their racial vitality 7. Social Darwinism-all life is struggle "the struggle for usable land is the worst struggle 8. Conspiracy-believes in Jewish conspiracy, both communism and capitalism as arms of internal Jewish conspiracy His main target once he gets the small countries out of the way is Russian, sees Slavic people as inferior, he sees Russia as a future German colony In October in 1933 Germany leaves disarmament talks, he says why should they continue when no one else is disarming In 1934 January he signs non-aggression pact with Poland because he is scared Nazis behaving independently is the Nazi uprising in Vienna in July 1934-Dollfuss (Austria) was trying to install a catholic regime, Nazi's try to get out from that, they murder dollfuss, but the Nazis fail because the night of the long knifes has just happened.
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