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40 General Academic Information Numbering of Courses A course number has four digits. The Frst digit identiFes the level of the course: “0” indicates a developmental level, “1” indicates freshman level, and “2” indicates sophomore level. The second digit indicates the student credit hour (SCH) credit value of the course. The third and fourth digits distinguish the courses within a program area. For example: English 1301 is a freshman level (1), three semester-hour course (3), part one (1). HCC numbering course coincides, with the Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS) for academic transfer courses. . All public colleges and universities in Texas either use the TCCNS or crosswalk courses to the TCCNS. For workforce education courses, higher education institutions in Texas utilize the Workforce Education Course Manual (WECM). These common numbering systems help colleges articulate courses and provide students with greater ease of course credit transfer. Course Load A semester credit hour (SCH) student is full-time if the student is enrolled in 12 or more semester hours and part
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