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Career Project - Survey of Finance and Careers Project Due...

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Survey of Finance and Careers Project Due 11-14-11 15% of Your Final Grade Will Be Graded on A to F Scale (Answers should be inserted after each question, and each question must be answered, including all required attachments) You now have a resume (and likely several versions of it) and a generic cover letter. These documents have been reviewed by someone at VT who helped improve it for you, and you then chose what suggestions they made that you adopted or ignored. You are now preparing yourself for the final step toward an internship or first job, and your career start. The resume and cover letter are the preliminaries. To fully prepare yourself, many other things must be done. The interview (when it happens) itself might take any or all of these features: A phone-screening or video screening offsite interview An online skills assessment An online or third party personality assessment An initial meeting with the hiring manager Numerous 15 – 60 minute interviews with other people spread over a day onsite, including lunch. A final round of interviews with the hiring manager, senior staff, and human resources. Background, Credit, Drug Screening, Security checks may be done. "It will be quite a gauntlet to run, and this is not atypical." You are hearing in class about various career paths available for finance and business majors. You’ve heard of the importance of non stop networking. You heard lots of tips and tricks as it were. You have started reading the WSJ, a first admission that those who you aspire to have traits and behaviors different from a student. Some have subscribed to other websites and periodic emails I have recommended, and you are hopefully by now a member of an organization in your field. You even now understand that business attire is not the same as the business casual you thought it was. Below are often asked questions and real world experiences in career fairs, interviews, applications, and tests of personality, interests, aptitude, etc. You need to prepare for them, and polish how you will address them. They should be practiced to flow smoothly in your verbal delivery with confidence. Interviewers like to see how you will react when describing your strengths, weaknesses, behaviors, etc. They like to stress you, as business is a stress marathon, not a sprint. They like to see how you will react at whatever is thrown at you. The more unplanned, the better, as business does not follow a daily syllabus. You should have these responses focused in short phrases, deliverable by you in what is referred to as an elevator speech , meaning you could answer any of these in less than a minute, maybe even a couple words or phrases, as if you were on an elevator and only had a few seconds to make an impression. The below is not a complete list, just a start, but answers to these questions are important for you to think about before an interviewer asks them, or they blindside you in the face the first time: 1
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Career Project - Survey of Finance and Careers Project Due...

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