Chapter 15 Response Public Speaking

Chapter 15 Response Public Speaking - thoughtful listeners...

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Public Speaking Professor Brown Chapter 15 Response Persuasion speeches that speakers present can either have a negative or a positive impression on the audiences. With persuasion speeches, some persuasion speeches can either “lift and inspire” the audience or these speeches can seem “degrading” to the audience; however, this depends on the audiences’ opinion regarding the speaker’s persuasive speech topic. There are many types of persuasion speeches. One type of persuasion speech is reasoned persuasion. Reasoned persuasion “builds arguments out of carefully constructed evidence and proofs” (330). When building arguments based on evidences and proofs, it would be an intelligent move for the speaker to incorporate narratives or examples to support his or her belief. Proofs are an “array of evidence, combined in a way that drives
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Unformatted text preview: thoughtful listeners toward a conclusion” (331). When a speaker is presenting his or her speech, the speaker should have a good understanding and should also be knowledgeable about his or her topic. When a speaker includes his or her personal experience or knowledge provided by experts into his or her essay, this is called reasoning from reality. Delivering a persuasive speech can be extremely difficult. When giving a persuasive speech, a speaker must properly prepare the speech so that his or her speech has the proper facts. Speakers should analyze their audience and should also have strong and powerful arguments that can be convincing. If speakers use the wrong facts then this can be a detriment to the speakers. Speakers should make sure to put a distinct line between their opinion and facts regarding their persuasive speech....
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Chapter 15 Response Public Speaking - thoughtful listeners...

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