Lecture-Media & Globalization

Lecture-Media & Globalization - 12/08 The Global...

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12/08: The Global Village ? We have extended our central nervous system itself into a global embrace. We now live in a global village that compels commitment and participation We have become irrevocably involved with, and responsible for, each other. Marshall McLuhan (1960s) Our World: First Global Satellite TV Broadcast June 25, 1967 2 hours Vienna Boys Choir in 22 languages Toronto, New Jersey, Alberta, British Columbia, Tokyo, Melbourne, London 400m viewers 10,000 workers / technicians/ translators Live in 19 different countries Globalization: a “neutral” definition The growth of dense networks of interconnectedness across continental distances economics (trade and finance) politics people
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environment media The Consequences and Challenges of Connectivity 2. Cultural and Political Homogeneity ... of attention (global media events) ... of tastes ...of values ... of behavior ... of culture and politics is homogeneity necessarily bad? Focus on Media inter-connectedness (collapsing of distance) circulation of content example of music: exchange of traditional forms, mixing and borrowing of idioms, emergent new forms (“world music”) intensification of engagement with others emotional & political Tomlinson (896) “lifting out of social relations from local contexts and their rearticulation across indefinite
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Lecture-Media & Globalization - 12/08 The Global...

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