Lecture-Media & Identity- Gender

Lecture-Media & Identity- Gender - 11/3/11 Media &...

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11/3/11 Goffman Pushed sociology, looking at social interaction and paying very careful attention to those micro moments in which humans interact. Settings and contexts are important, matters where the interpersonal communication is taking place. Social contexts change the way human beings interact. Goffman made the case that when you look at human interaction, have to look at the way they perform themselves – part of the human condition Dramatically changes the way social scientists study human interaction/behavior Performativity – layer of complexity Gender and Advertising Over 500 images displayed Pictorial pattern analysis Not random – nothing is accidental Advertisers must produce and select images that have social approval “idealized characters using idealized facilities to realize ideal ends” (26) Need advertisements that make sense, don’t want to annoy the audience, working from/with social/cultural conventions, doing it in an environment where they know the things they are using already have social meaning Want to persuade/reinforce and change behavior Ceremonial and ritual signs Might be part of the unconscious, in the way that Freud would use the word, and it
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Lecture-Media & Identity- Gender - 11/3/11 Media &...

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