Lecture-Media IdentityRace and Ethnicity

Lecture-Media IdentityRace and Ethnicity - Media Identity...

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10/25/11 Media Identity: Race and Ethnicity Aunt Jemima: Quaker Oats Company: advertising since 1893 Become an iconic bgrand and a concern the way Africans are used in media and aren’t used in media (in print images) – stereotypes African women: servants, cooks, serving white young children Flip Wilson: a comedian in 1960’s and 1970’s who got his own variety shows Was Black; cross dressed Did many things that other comedians were unable/reluctant to do Had a recurring character called Geraldine Weird to have some kind of transgendering in television (he cross-dressed) Apollo – focal point where blacks performed since they were segregated Cotton Club: segregated club, only whites could go in Performers were mostly not white “the place to be”: New York’s place to be Mohammad Ali: remarkably important to understand 1960-late 1970’s One of the first significant black celebrities that transcends the world of sports Puts his personality into politics Changes his given born name to Mohammad Ali (his name = association with Malcolm X) Refused to go into Vietnam War; went to jail (2 years) Captured his heavyweight title – represented himself not as a sports figure but a man focusing on race in America
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Very famous fighter, incredibly articulate, peaceful zen-like demeanor outside of the fighting ring Media Representations of the Social World How do media representations of the social world compare to the external “real” world? Really important to situate this world Try to categorize and classify the types of stories- make sense of them because it can become overwhelming
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Lecture-Media IdentityRace and Ethnicity - Media Identity...

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