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Stereotyping Asian Americans

Stereotyping Asian Americans - Stereotyping Asian Americans...

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Stereotyping Asian Americans: Kawai I . “yellow peril” vs “model minority {yellow peril= YP) (ModelMinorty=MM) Model minority evokes negative implications although its supposed to be positive Model minority and yellow peril: concepts of racial triangulation and ambivalence of stereotypes Asian Americas: seen as “aliens” to whites but superior to African Americans Yellow Peril: seen as “foreigners to foreigners” since they divert from US cultural norms and are economic competitors (undermine the whites) Occurred first half of 20 th century Model minority: occurred in 1960’s Both revived in 1980’s when US had problems with Japan and Asian countries II. Historical development of “yellow peril” Can be traced to Genghis Khan and Mongolian invasion Whites feared them because that thought the Asians would dominate white race Cultural, economic and political and military threats to the Whites Yellow peril: when they outdo whites; Asians threaten the whites Military threat to white American power Began around 1900.. when immigrants became cheap labor Rose during WWII- with rise of Japan as world power National conflict led to yellow peril Fear of immigration Asian migration (late 19 th /20 th
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