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iran midterm recitation copy

iran midterm recitation copy - I Map of Iran Identify the...

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I. Map of Iran - Identify the neighbors of Iran: Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Persian Gulf II. The Two Stories: The Seven Princesses; Khosrow & Shirin. These stories were written at the end of the 12 th Century in Persia. Heroes and kings are from prehistoric Persia. Nezzami III. Arian tribes of Central Asia bringing Indo-European languages (including Latin- Romance, Germanic, Slavic language etc) IV. History of Persepolis. Cyrus and the establishment of an empire. Fars called Pars before influence of Arabic language in the region. Question of language being called both Persian and Farsi. 1935 modern nation’s name changing from Persia to Iran V. Achaemenid Empire of Cyrus. 331 B.C. and Alexander the Great’s destruction of Persepolis according to some accounts. Earlier 539 B.C. and Cyrus’s conquest of Babylon and the question of Cyrus’s generous treatment of Babylon’s conquered ruler. Differences between Cyrus & Alexander. Cyrus and the incorporation of conquered people into the empire, according them a kind of citizenship. Lack of state
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  • Spring '11
  • Chelkowski
  • Persian commonwealth administration, III. Arian tribes, V. Achaemenid Empire, XI. Pre-Islamic Iranian, earlier Umayyad period

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