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Mantle 6 - follow his God with his heart, he began to go on...

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Lucia Lee March 22, 2011 Mantle Chapter 6 Ahktar In chapter 6 of the Mantle of the Prophet, what stuck out to me the most was the talking of willingness and dedication that one must put in to be a Muslim. In chapter 6, the importance of religion and one following it is emphasized; like Ali, Ghazali, a Sufi, also went on a spiritual quest. On page 198, it goes to talk about how one must be willing to follow the Islamic law even in the face of “doubt, spiritual aridity, and dark nights of the soul”. Even if a person’s heart cannot feel for the God, he or she should still force him or herself to follow the law. Ghazzali proves this to be correct when he begins to have problems with his own religion once he starts to have doubts about his religion. After Ghazzali began to have sickness and illness problems because he was unable to fully
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Unformatted text preview: follow his God with his heart, he began to go on a quest in search of God. Like many of the other prophets and other followers of God, Ghazalli shows that he himself must go on a spiritual quest. Ali himself also went on a spiritual quest, which portrays how when people begin to have these doubts about God, they are forced to go on these spiritual quests. Morevover, another important topic that recurred in chapter 6 from previous chapters was the idea of reasoning. As previously stated before in one of the apst chapters, reason was important for the people to think and in this chapter, reason is emphasized and connected to the Shiah. The Shiah prove that reason is important when they make it their fundamental principle of law, which further emphasizes how crucial reasoning is in the Islamic world....
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Mantle 6 - follow his God with his heart, he began to go on...

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